Norman Ancestors of Ireland, Kentucky, and Arkansas

Norman Y-DNA Testing

Norman Y-DNA Test Results for my ancestor, Francis Marion Norman, have been received.  These results show our Normans have no connection to other Normans tested outside our family.  This indicates we have no connection to the Normans of VA, OH, NC, SC, TN, and IL, who have participated, nor any connection worldwide to those who have been tested and are sharing results.  The tests have shown our Norman roots to be in Ireland. Thank you, Greg!.

The Deep Clade Test Reveals our Normans are

Haplogroup  R1b1a2a1a1b4b  R-M222+ L21+ - Northwest Irish

R1b1a2a1a1b4b M222+ L21+

R1b1a2a1a1b4 (R-L21) is defined by the presence of the marker L21, also referred to as M529 and S145.[2] Myres et al. report it is most common in England and Ireland (25-50% of the whole male population).[7] Known sub-clades include the following:-

R1b1a2a1a1b4b (R-M222). This subclade within R-L21 is defined by the presence of the marker M222. It is particularly associated with male lines which are Irish or Scottish, but especially northern Irish. In this case, the relatively high frequency of this specific subclade among the population of certain counties in northwestern Ireland may be due to positive social selection, as it is suggested to have been the Y-chromosome haplogroup of the Uí Néill dynastic kindred of ancient Ireland.[30] However it is not restricted to the Uí Néill as it is also associated with the closely related Connachta dynasties, the Uí Briúin and Uí Fiachrach.[51] M222 is also found as a substantial proportion of the population of Scotland which may indicate substantial settlement from northern Ireland or at least links to it.[30][52] Those areas settled by large numbers of Irish and Scottish emigrants such as North America have a substantial percentage of M222.[30]

As more DNA test results are available, there continues to be no link to other Normans who have been tested and are willing to share results.  Hopefully, DNA tests will prove or disprove our surname of Norman.  If any male Norman is interested in testing, please visit the Family Tree DNA web site to participate.  We also need more of Francis Marion Norman's descendants in the study.

Norman Surname Y-DNA Project

Family Tree DNA Site

Wadesboro, Calloway County, KY, Courthouse
Original Photo Property of Shirley-Norman Gunn

This frontier log Wadesboro Courthouse is now in the city park in Murray, Kentucky.  The logs are original, although the roof has been restored.   This is the courthouse in which Francis, Thomas, and William Boone Norman. signed papers and exchanged money for land purchases in the 1830's.   I cannot begin to express how I felt when my husband and I found the old courthouse and I could actually touch the doors in the places which my third great grandfather would have placed his hands as he passed through these portals to conduct his legal transactions.  This is one of several photographs we made on one of many excursions to Kentucky, researching my elusive Norman ancestors. 

Francis Marion Norman

Descendants of Franconis (Francois) ?? Norman???

Generation No. 1

Child of FRANCONIS NORMAN??? and JANE?  is:
2.    i.    FRANCIS MARION2 NORMAN, b. 1796, North Carolina?; d. 1857, White County, Arkansas   (Old Hopewell Cemetery).

Generation No. 2

2.  FRANCIS MARION2 NORMAN (FRANCONIS (FRANCOIS) ??1 NORMAN???) was born 1796 in North Carolina?, and died 1857 in White County, Arkansas   (Old Hopewell Cemetery).  He married SARAH 1819.
Children of FRANCIS NORMAN and SARAH are:
3.    i.    THOMAS3 NORMAN, b. November 06, 1819, North Carolina; d. October 07, 1865, White County, Arkansas  (Norman Cemetery?).
       ii.    DAUGHTER NORMAN, b. Bet. 1820 - 1824.
4.    iii.    JESSE NORMAN, b. 1824, North Carolina; d. White County, Arkansas  (Old Hopewell Cemetery).
5.    iv.    WILLIAM BOONE NORMAN, b. 1825, North Carolina; d. 1859, White County, Arkansas.
6.    v.    AUGUSTUS W. NORMAN, b. 1828, North Carolina.
7.    vi.    ELIZABETH A. NORMAN, b. September 17, 1829, North Carolina; d. March 01, 1909, Independence County, AR - Hopewell Cemetery.
8.    vii.    RACHEL HANNAH NORMAN, b. March 04, 1832, North Carolina; d. January 08, 1883, Old Hopewell Cemetery, White County, Arkansas.
9.    viii.    ALLEY MALINDA NORMAN, b. November 25, 1834, Kentucky.
10.    ix.    COLEMAN N. NORMAN, b. August 02, 1837, Kentucky; d. Arkansas - Died coming home from Civil War.
11.    x.    SARAH JANE NORMAN, b. 1839, Kentucky; d. Arkansas.
12.    xi.    ELENDER FRANCES NORMAN, b. 1841, Kentucky.
    xii.    MARY M. NORMAN, b. 1844; m. ISAAC MCNEW, August 18, 1859, White County, Arkansas  (Book A  Page 0498).

Generation No. 3

3.  THOMAS3 NORMAN (FRANCIS MARION2, FRANCONIS (FRANCOIS) ??1 NORMAN???) was born November 06, 1819 in North Carolina, and died October 07, 1865 in White County, Arkansas  (Norman Cemetery?).  He married (1) CATHERINE MARGARET KAYLOR August 12, 1838 in Kentucky, daughter of LEWIS KAYLOR and ELIZABETH.  He married (2) ELIZA OWENS July 28, 1861 in White County, Arkansas  (Book 2B  Page 0079).
13.    i.    LEWIS JACKSON4 NORMAN, b. October 06, 1839, Calloway County, Kentucky; d. September 27, 1900, Bradley County, Arkansas  (Moseley Cemetery).
14.    ii.    SARAH ELIZABETH NORMAN, b. December 02, 1841, Calloway County, Kentucky; d. 1891, Reed Cemetery, Reed Farm, Lonoke County, Arkansas  (Destroyed).
15.    iii.    FRANCIS MARION NORMAN, b. October 11, 1842, Marshall County, Kentucky; d. May 29, 1899, White County, Arkansas.
16.    iv.    DAVID WASHINGTON NORMAN, b. April 11, 1844, Marshall County, Kentucky; d. December 03, 1932, Silo, Bryan Co., OK   (Highland Cem., Durant, OK).
17.    v.    NANCY EMILINE NORMAN, b. November 29, 1845, Marshall County, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1880, White County, Arkansas (Holleman Cemetery).
18.    vi.    MARY ANN NORMAN, b. September 22, 1847, Marshall County, Kentucky; d. July 12, 1927, Died Faulkner County, AR;  Buried White County, Arkansas (Norman Cemetery).
19.    vii.    WILLIAM N. NORMAN, b. October 03, 1849, Marshall County, Kentucky; d. January 01, 1918, White County, Arkansas (Mount Hebron Cemetery - Joy).
    viii.    DANIEL KAYLOR NORMAN, b. July 16, 1850, White County, Arkansas.
20.    ix.    MARTHA JANE NORMAN, b. January 30, 1852, White County, Arkansas.
    x.    THOMAS J. NORMAN, b. December 16, 1853, White County, Arkansas; m. M. J. NEWTON, December 15, 1882, White County, Arkansas.
21.    xi.    JESSE LYNN BOYD NORMAN, b. December 26, 1855, White County, Arkansas; d. January 26, 1910, White County, Arkansas  (Sidon Cemetery).
    xii.    JAMES B. NORMAN, b. January 10, 1858, White County, Arkansas; d. Bef. 1870, White County, Arkansas.

Generation No. 4 - Lewis Jackson Norman
13.  LEWIS JACKSON4 NORMAN (THOMAS3, FRANCIS MARION2, FRANCONIS (FRANCOIS) ??1 NORMAN???) was born October 06, 1839 in Calloway County, Kentucky, and died September 27, 1900 in Bradley County, Arkansas  (Moseley Cemetery).  He married (1) NANCY ELIZABETH PALMER December 26, 1858 in Conway County, Arkansas  Book 1  Page 168, daughter of BENJAMIN PALMER and KEZIAH CARGILE.  He married (2) MINERVA PARALEE PALMER December 03, 1865 in Conway County, Arkansas  Book 2  Page196, daughter of BENJAMIN PALMER and KEZIAH CARGILE.
31.    i.    KEZIAH CATHERINE5 NORMAN, b. January 23, 1860, White County, Arkansas; d. January 23, 1940, Cleveland County, Arkansas.
32.    ii.    MARY ALMENIA5 NORMAN, b. December 08, 1866, Arkansas; d. March 09, 1950, Bradley County, Arkansas  (Moseley Cemetery).
33.    iii.    ROBERT LEONARD NORMAN, b. May 17, 1868, Washington County. Arkansas; d. January 25, 1939, Cleveland County, Arkansas.
34.    iv.    MARTHA ARMINDA EMILINE NORMAN, b. April 20, 1870, Arkansas; d. May 23, 1944, Bradley County, Arkansas  (Moseley Cemetery).
35.    v.    MARGARET JANE NORMAN, b. January 25, 1875, White County, Arkansas; d. April 16, 1949, Moseley Cemetery, Bradley County, AR.


My Ancestry

Francis Marion Norman, born 1796, NC; died 1857, White County, AR, married Sarah __?__. She may have been Native American. Thomas, born 1819, NC; died 1865, AR, married Catherine Margaret Kaylor, born 1819, KY; died 1860, AR. Lewis Jackson, born 1839, KY; died 1900, AR, married sisters: (1) Nancy Elizabeth Palmer and (2) Minerva Paralee Palmer, daughters of Benjamin Palmer II. Robert Leonard, born 1869; died 1939, son of Lewis Jackson and Minerva Paralee Palmer, married in 1895, Lillian Emily Sims, daughter of Ervin Martin Sims and Eliza Jane Brasington. Robert Austin Norman, born 1905; died 1990, married Martha Jane Gresham, daughter of Garland Alvin Gresham and Anna Mae Hammond.  Children of Robert Austin and Martha Jane Gresham Norman were:  Dorothy Louise Norman, born Decenber 3, 1927, married Henderson Howell Smith  (Children:  Carolyn Jeanine, Brenda Louise, Linda Sue, and Norman Howell);  Don Martin Norman, born March 17, 1934, married Mary Peggy Childers (Children:  Donna, Cindy, Greg, Melanie, and Rhonda); and Shirley Ann Norman, born November 15, 1937, married Arthur Lee Gunn  (Children: Kevin Norman, married Elizabeth Baucom, and they have one daughter, Ariel Rachel.  Trevor Martin, married Lisa Towsand).  Two of my wonderful aunts, Esther Norman Reed and Juanita Norman West, shared their research which has led us to many more discoveries regarding our Norman and Palmer lines.

We believe Francis Norman's full name to be Francis Marion Norman and Sarah's name to be Sarah Elizabeth.  We also believe the father of Francis may have been named Francois and his mother, Martha Jane.  We have discovered a pattern of naming children within the family and the families of friends which brings us to this conclusion.  We have not been able to determine Sarah's surname.  We have also been unable to find a marriage record for Francis and Sarah in North Carolina or any other state.  We have discovered a Francis Norman with a wife and baby, in Rowan County (now Davidson County), North Carolina, in 1820.  Was Francis working wagon trains from NC to KY, and just happened to be in NC when the census was taken.  We cannot find a Francis Norman who fits in 1830, but did find Francis on the tax rolls in Graves County,  Kentucky in 1831.

According to census records, he and Sarah are having children in North Carolina until 1834.  We believe he may have moved his family to Western NC, or to TN, to enable him to make frequent trips home.  They may have been in the household with his parents, or possibly with her parents.

There is a marriage record which has been miscopied in some North Carolina marriage books.  It indicates Francis Norman married Sarah Halsey in Chowan County, North Carolina, December 2, 1802.  This is NOT correct.  This man was Francis NORCOM.  His parents and siblings lived there and some of them are listed under the Norcoms in that same marriage book.  Apparently, he stayed in Chowan County.


Kentucky Land Grants


Francis Norman received the following land grants, Book 5, in Graves County, Kentucky, next to Calloway County (Marshall County 1842):

Francis Norman #2939, 160 acres, December 13, 1832, $40.00.
Franconis Norman #3833, 160 acres, January 21, 1834, $40.00.
Francis Norman #3828, 160 acres, January 21, 1834, $40.00.

It is not known when he sold these parcels as Graves County records were destroyed by fire.

Francis Norman received the following land grant, Book 9, Calloway County
(Marshall County 1842), Kentucky:

Francis Norman #6786, 160 acres, January 18, 1838, $20.00.

Francis purchased adjoining land of 400 acres on June 6, 1842, for $800.00 from C. Philly.  Philly sold 80 adjoining acres to D. Crowell at this time.  Francis sold 50 acres to David Cox on March 10, 1849. for $100.00.  Francis sold the remaining 510 acres to Jacob Tilman on October 20, 1851, for $1500.

Kentucky Church Records

On June 6, 1834, Hugh Gilbert, Thomas Gibson, Lewis Kayler, Isaac Johnson, and Francis Norman were members of the New Hope and Union Churches who pronounced a new church to be known by the name of Mount Pleasant and to appoint Brother Daniel T. Cargill as Clerk.  These Cargills are from the Cargile family related to my Normans through Benjamin Palmer's wife, Keziah Cargile.

In August 1834, members of New Hope and Union Churches, including Elders Hugh Gilbert, Thomas Gibson, Isaac Johnson, Lewis Kaylor, and Francis Norman, ordain N. Whitis as deacon of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church of Christ.  They appointed James K. Cargill as Treasurer.  This was signed by Daniel T. Cargill, Clerk.

In December 1842, Middle Fork Church was organized at the house of a Mr. McManus, three miles west of Benton, Kentucky.  Elders:  Harry Darnall, Hugh Gilbert (first pastor), William McGregor (later pastor who married Augustus and Elizabeth Crowell and Rachel and Elisha McDaniels Cooper), F. Norman, and J. McBride.

Francis Norman probably moved all his family to Kentucky Township, White County, Arkansas, in 1851.  The area was called Kentucky Valley and Kentucky Township because of all the people who came down from Kentucky to White County. 

Francis Marion Norman Gravesite
Old Hopewell Cemetery, Rose Bud, White County, AR
Photo Property of Shirley Norman-Gunn

Francis died in 1857 in White County, Arkansas.  A large rocked grave at Old Hopewell is marked with the initials M.F.N.  As we feel certain Francis Norman's full name was Francis Marion Norman, it is our belief this is his grave and someone has reversed his first and second names.  We cannot find initials on the large rocked grave next to Francis, but believe this to be the grave of Sarah, his wife.  There are two more large rocked graves nearby marked J.N. and N.N.  We believe these to be the graves of Jesse Norman, son of Francis, and his wife, Nancy Kaylor Norman.   There is a very large cedar at the head of Sarah's grave which would have been very young at the time of her burial.  We believe the grave at her foot may have been there first and Sarah's grave was crowded in between it and the tree to place her next to her husband, Francis, who had died many years earlier.  Rachel, another daughter, is also buried in this same cemetery.  Her husband, Elisha McDaniels Cooper, was buried elsewhere.

From Research in Numerous States, (and Cow Pastures WITH Bulls).

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